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Wind, Wind, Wind

I have always wondered how Chicago got the name the windy city. Growing up in Oklahoma I always thought Oklahoma deserved the name the Windy State. Sunday for my weekly run and ride day with my mom I found out just how windy Oklahoma can be.

When I’m running into the wind it is hard, during the 2009 Oklahoma City Marathon the wind coming off the lake was so brutal I thought I would never make it to the end of the race. Growing up in Oklahoma as a runner I have experienced some intense winds that made me think I was running in place.

Cycling into the wind was a whole new experience. My shoes are clip ins so I am essentially attached to my bike. If it falls I fall and if I fall the bike falls, being new to cycling this is a unique experience. Sunday my mom and I headed out to Lake Hefner with the hopes of making a few laps around the lake. Upon our arrival white caps covered the lake and we saw a couple off their bikes walking them around the lake. Immediately the thoughts of this is going to be horrible ensue. We start riding the lake on the dam side and make it about two miles before I stop and wait for my mom to tell her of my decision to turn around.

The decision was not an easy one to make but on the two miles I did complete I was shaky and kept thinking the wind was going to sweep me and my bike down the plain. The two miles back were just as wobbly. There was about half a mile into the wind which was fine, I don’t mind fighting the wind in my face but having it at my side was a new experience.

We then went to Mitch Park in Edmond where it was much less windy to finish the ride. The ride at Mitch Park was much more hilly and much less windy with all the tree lines.

As Spring and the wind come in Oklahoma I am looking forward to gaining the strength to fight the Oklahoma wind form any direction.