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Goals for 2011

This year, 2011, is bring many new athletic challenges my way. I am going to take up cycling with my mom and mark. Mark has already been cycling for about 8 months, so my mom and I have some catching up to do. I am also going to push my running game harder, taking on new racing challenges.

Recently Mark started a blog, http://www.markwcunningham.wordpress.com, in one of his first posts he talked about his goals for 2011. I thought it was a good idea, and then this morning I got a text message from him, and he asked me to write down some of my goal. So here they are.

I am going to write my goals down for each event that I plan on doing in 2011.

Feb. 6 – Little Rock Marathon – goal: finish in under five hours.

April 9 – Red Bud 50 mile cycle event – goal: finish

April 10 – Red Bud 5k running event – Goal: beat mom, my mom is a better athlete then me in many distances but I usually take the win in a 5k and I don’t want that to change this year

May 1 – Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon – This will be my third running of the OKC Memorial Marathon Goal: set a PR for my marathon time. This will take some doing, but I believe that cycling will help bring down my marathon time and this goal is achievable.

August 27 – Hotter N Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls, Texas – Goal: Finish. Just seven months after taking up cycling I will attempt my first century ride. My step dad did this last year with less time to train so I am hoping that with the right training this is something I can do.

October 22-23 – 24 the hard way, 24-hour run – This event is put on by a friend of my parents, it is an amazing event where participants can choose to run 6, 12 or 24 hours. I am doing the road version but there is also a trail version. There is a lap course and the participant who has completed the most laps, therefore the most miles, wins. Goal: my goal at this event is not to win. My goal is 80 miles. If you break it down it ends up being a little more than three miles an hour for 24 hours. I have never competed continuously for more than six hours at a time so this will be a big event for me physically and emotionally. I am hoping to do 50 miles in the first 12 hours and leave the final 30 for the last 12 hours.

Nov. 5 – GCF Half-Marathon in Washington D.C. This event is happening two weeks after my 24-hour race. Goal: Finish. I am not worried about time at this event. I am doing it to honor my mom who is a cancer survivor. If you followed the link to Mark’s blog you will have seen that he is also planning on doing this race.

I would like to try to pick up another marathon in June or July but I am just not sure how that will fit in with my training for Hotter N Hell so I will just have to wait and see.