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Motivation and Mom

Today, I had none. Motivation that is.

Two weeks from yesterday (Sunday) I will be running in my first marathon of 2011. I have set some lofty goals for myself this year, in terms of the number of events I have decided to complete. My goals, which can be read in my last post, were set when my motivation was high.

Today I lagged. Got off work, immediately ate dinner and then sat down on the couch to end my night doing nothing but watching television. Then I thought man I need to go to the gym. I quickly gave the sleeping dog on the couch a pat on the head and decided to follow her lead for the night. Not to long after that, I posted on facebook that I needed the motivation to go to the gym. Quickly responses came. And so did a phone call from my mom. By the end of our conversation I was dressed for the gym and in the car.

My motivation for running usually comes from within. People who study behavior and people call it intrinsic motivation. I more times than not run because I enjoy it. The feeling I get when I slide on my shoes and tie the laces in knots is unexplainable.

Today, my motivation was extrinsic, it was my mom. She is my running buddy and the only person I ever want to beat in a race. And today she was all I needed to get off the couch and to the gym.

If you keep up with my blog you know my mom is one of my best friends and an amazing inspiration. Not only in life but also as an athlete. She is a wonderful person with a huge heart, she’s a great mom, a successful career woman, a great athlete and today the exact motivation I needed.

So here’s to you mom, for getting my lazy butt off the couch. Thank you!

My Mom is 10 Years Cancer Free

One of the hardest moments I think I will ever face in life will be the day I lose my mother. Fortunately that day has not yet come. Ten years ago today, it was a different story. Because before that fateful Wednesday it was unclear what the faith of my mother would be.

My mom, my amazing mom, had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Wednesday, Oct. 6 – ten years ago she had surgery to remove the cancer. So today, Oct. 6, 2009 is a big day. Not only is she STILL cancer free but she has been now for ten years.

Watching my mom in the months and years after being cancer free it seemed like the smallest things were momentous hurdles. Sitting up for the first time after surgery, walking for the first time, coming home, sitting up for the day and walking from the bedroom to the bathroom were all great accomplishment.

When the daily things became more routine, the weeks of being cancer free turned into months, what seemed like a lifetime later turned into a year cancer free. One entire year, that is a big deal. One year of doing or not doing anything is a big deal in most situations. A first birthday, a first anniversary, a first year sober, there are many things that people celebrate at a year.  And for my mom and our family, the big celebration came at one year cancer free. So today 3,846 days, count-less trips around the house, multiple marathons and ten, one years, later my mom is ten years cancer free.

I don’t think I can covey how lucky I am to have my mom around. Not only is she one of my best friends but there are so many things in life I don’t think I could have done without her.

I mean lets face it there were many high school projects and papers I would have never finished if it weren’t for my moms, late night or sometimes all night, help. And without a high school degree I would not have graduated from college or have my dream job of working at a paper. When I think back on eighth grade I don’t think about the fact that my mom had cancer although I do remember some memories that came after the cancer was gone.

One very vivid memory I have is after my mom got her driving privileges back after the surgery she started taking me to school. I can remember it being so cold outside, snow might have even been on the ground sometimes, but my mom would have a hot flash and roll down all the windows in the car. This does not seem that strange but remember that I told you there was snow on the ground. So while I was cowering in the front seat trying to wrap my self up in my coat the best I could my mom was pleasantly cool in the driver’s seat, like driving on a fall evening with the windows down.

There are many memories I have with my mom, things we did together, races we ran, events we executed, ceremonies she attend, late night grocery store runs we had,  and graduations I had. All of these things I am so thankful and bless that my mom was around to experience.

I could go on and on about my mom and the things she has done for me but if you know me or my mom you know that from the day I was born until this very moment my mom is one of the most important things in my life.


Mom and Me

Mom and Me

Me and My Mom before graduation

Me and My Mom before graduation