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Only in Utah

Only in Utah…well I am sure most of you have heard by now that a Utah inventor has come up with a new time-saving food. It is a sandwich in a can, rightfully named Candwich. Currently there are three flavors available, peanut butter and strawberry jam, peanut butter and grape jam and BBQ Chicken. From the reports I have read they are currently being offered in vending machines in Utah. YUM!

I have found that each Candwich contains 300 calories and has a long long shelf life, great for people who don’t clean out their fridge cabinet often. That brings up something else, they don’t have to be refrigerated, ever! Man this is making me hungry. Hey Sarah, I’ll send you some money for a Candwich, and you send me the goods, I’m craving peanut butter and grape jelly please. I’ve heard the Candwich is being marked to busy people, “soccer moms” and college students. Personally as an adult, who used to be a college student with a healthy appetite if I ate a sandwich that could fit in a can it would prob not fill me up, so to the makers of Candwich I am requesting a king sized version or at least some side items in a can to go along with my Candwich.

Right now my sense of curiosity is wanting to try one just to see…

Any who, google the Candwich and check it out.

And now, for some good things that have come out of Utah…the world’s first department store, the electric traffic light, television, video games and the artificial heart created by Robert K. Jarvis (first transplant done at the University of Utah). And if I’m not mistaken, Jamba Juice and Franklin Covey (the best planner store ever) although those could have both been not been created in Utah, I just don’t know.