About Cynthia Jewell

I from Edmond, Okla. Born and raised an Edmond gal. I graduated from Edmond Memorial High School and I will forever be a bulldog. I will always bleed maroon and grey, cheesy I know but true. I went to college at the University of Central Oklahoma where I majored in Journalism. I spent 4 years working at two different small town papers. I really love writing and working in the news business but the crazy hours and long work weeks were something I decided to leave behind. I will always be on the lookout for the typical 8a-5p M-F news job, but I don’t really believe there is such a thing. I now work at the Stephenson Cancer Center at the OU Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. I really love it here, my colleagues are the best.


5 responses to “About Cynthia Jewell

  1. Dave and Sarah

    woo woo! You have a blog!!! I’m so excited!

  2. Like you blog. Wish you would write it more. I linked to it. You can link to mine here if you like…



  3. Nice blog. I linked to it from Richard Barron’s Website. I’m with the Ada Evening News. We were recently in a OPA Feature Writing Class. Nice to meet you, Randy.

  4. Okay…time to update your blog…you have been gone like 2 weeks now…

  5. Cynthia: I found this through Richard’s blog, which I read regularly. Hope you don’t mind if I stop by once in a while.

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