Duke City Marathon

For me this was marathon number four. And, it was a big deal in many ways. First off this was the fist marathon that I would be traveling to and competing in alone. Usually, I run marathons with my mom.

But for this one I was at it alone. I left Saturday afternoon and flew into Albuquerque. From there I went to the convention center which was conveniently connected to the hotel I was staying in, the Double Tree. I picked up my packet and grabbed some GU at their small expo and then headed back to my room.

I then put out out my running clothes for Sunday morning and pinned by bib to my shirt. After that I looked around for somewhere to eat and headed over to the Hyatt to have dinner at their restaurant.

At dinner I sat alone but about 30 minutes after I had been sat another man was sat close to me also alone. He struck up a conversation with me about what I was eating and we discussed about how we were both doing the marathon. I eventually joined him at his table. His name was Chris and he had done every Duke City marathon since they started having them, 27 years ago. I got some good tips from him and he really inspired me to want to keep running!

Sunday morning I woke up early, around 4:30 a.m to eat some breakfast bars from a local bakery in Seminole, Piece of Cake. The breakfast bars were good and I washed them down with a bottle of water. Around 6 a.m. I headed downstairs to line up for the race and when I got outside there was hardly anyone there that wasn’t a marathon worker. So I headed back up to my room for a few minutes and tried again at like 6:20 a.m., this time there were more people.

I met a man a the start line that had done the Duke City Marathon before and he said this year there were less than 500 participants in the marathon, up from around 250+ last year. The small race explained why there was not any people out at 6 a.m., there was no need to line up early, because there was not that may people.

At my other marathons you had to line up early and then there was a sort of wave start and after the gun went off it could be 7-15 minutes before I would cross the starting line. At this race it was not even two minutes.

The temperature was great around 50 at the start then it dropped a little as the sun was rising and the day had about 75 as a high. I did not even start to notice the heat until about mile 20 which was about 4 hours into the race for me.

I finished in 5 hours and 17 minutes. Not my best marathon time, but I had fun and enjoyed the experience of being on my own running in a town I had never been to.

Sunday night I ate in my hotel and then on Monday I got up to fly home. The trip home seemed long and my legs were sore but I made it.

I returned to work on Tuesday and am now getting ready to participate in a six-hour race on Saturday. The Oklahoma Utlramarathon Championship hosts a 24-hour, 12-hour and 6-hour race. I am going to do the 6-hour race and my mom is doing the 12-hour. I am excited that I will get to be there for my mom’s last six hours as I run my race.

The website on the race is here: 24thehardway.com. This race is different from you typical race. Here you have a set amount of time to run and the person who runs the farthest wins, instead of at a typical race you have a set distance and the person who runs the fastest wins.

That is all for now, four marathons down. I am thinking I want to complete a marathon in each state. In which case I am three states down now, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Only 47 to go…


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