Buy Local and Blend It

Blend It, and so I have been with my new kitchen appliance, the blender. My reason for buying a blender goes past an impulse buy.

First, I joined the Oklahoma Food Co-op. A general description of a cooperative, also known as a co-op is “a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit,” or says Wikipedia. The Oklahoma Food Co-op was designed to sell only food and non-food products made in Oklahoma.  I paid a small fee to join to co-op, this fee was strictly a membership fee, many people ask what I got in return and the answer is the opportunity to buy stuff from the co-op.

My first month to order from the co-op was April, I didn’t buy much but the idea was amazing to me,  I could get all the groceries I need and buy them from my neighbor. This month was my biggest purchase yet. I bought meat, fruits, vegetables and shampoo. Most everything I bought was unprepared foods. The previous months I had bought things that were prepared and frozen but always good.

I think I am going to start trying to prepare my own meals at home with my co-op food and things I can pick up at the farmer’s market. This will be a big change from the already prepared meals I am used to buying from the store and the co-op. But,  I have got the cooking bug, my friend Sarah is an avid and amazing cook (you can find a link to her blog in my links) and she has a food portion on her blog and she has links to tons of other food blogs. All of the recipes look so good, so I am going to start trying them.

This brings me to my first purchase, I have the normal kitchen appliances, fridge, stove, microwave, toaster, hand blender and a stove top “grill” I bought at the OKC home and garden expo. The last is not a normal kitchen appliance but the sales demonstrator for this one was so good I had to buy it. But, back on track since I have decided to start cooking I decided to invest in MY first kitchen appliance, a blender. It is the first appliance that I have bought and so far I love it.

I have made a smoothie every morning for work since I got it and they are delicious. Last week I made a Cesar type dressing. I hesitate to call it Cesar for all those anchovies fans out there. It did have a quarter tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, which I learned has an anchovies base so I guess I could technically call it Cesar, but I will not, instead I will call it blender dressing and because I did not follow a recipe I will never be able to make it again. But it was delicious. I tossed it with some spring mix and added tomatoes, simply wonderful.

I have looked at some mac and cheese recipes and soon plan on trying some homemade mac and cheese aided by my blender. Blender today and who knows what tomorrow. I think I want to try jelly, most likely orange flavor and who knows where it will go from there.


One response to “Buy Local and Blend It

  1. YIPPEEEEEEE!!! Finally an update and even better, one about co-op-ing!? FANTASTIC! If Salt Lake’s wasn’t ridiculously expensive, I’d totally be game. It’s one of the best things you can do to keep money local and get all the benefits from food locally grown.
    As for the blender- I LOVE a good blender… one day when I find a sugar daddy I’m totally buying the VitaMix Pro… it’s badass. AND it really could blend bones. 😉
    PICTURES!!! That’s what you need now!!! I wanna see all your yumminess!

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