Update on Life

Well, it has been a while, and I apologize for that. A lot has happened since the beginning of October but nothing to notable.

My mom and I finished my second marathon, her seventh on November, 15. As much as I wanted to beat her, I could not.

The San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Marathon was not at all what I was hoping for, I will include a full update on race day later. But in short, the race was boring from about mile 11 to mile 22. It was hot, humid and the water stops were not efficient. Both my mom and I finished slower than our goal, but a finish is a finish.

Above, a picture of Mom and I. Mark had us pose for a picture with our medals after the race

This race made me Thankful for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. OKC was my first but after running in the San Antonio marathon I can tell that it will most likely never top any others I run.

Oklahoma City is composed of volunteers they are peppy and all the water stops are manned by different businesses.

Since the business want good PR they make good water stops. I can say that I do not remember all of the sponsors of water stops at the marathon, but if there was a bad one I would remember that company. And while their water stop performance, probably has nothing to do with how they run their company. I can assume that I would not use their services.

If you live around the Oklahoma City area and are wanting to run a half marathon or marathon I would suggest the Oklahoma City Marathon, it is an inspiring fun race.

I will have a better idea of good marathons when I have more under my belt but for now, I will stick with OKC.

Ok, enough about marathons.

What else has happened since October? Let’s see, my mom celebrated her birthday the day after the marathon. Happy Birthday Mom, again!

Basketball season is well underway at work. All schools have started their seasons as of last night. Track, softball and baseball will all be starting shortly.

My Thanksgiving was good. I consumed too much food, but, in retrospect it was worth it because holiday food is my favorite.

That is all for now. I will try and update more frequently. Everyone should check out this video and their whole movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM

I saw it in church a while back and again yesterday. It makes me smile.


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