Marathon #2

Marathon number two is creeping up on me. In less than 100 days (93 to be exact) I will be running in my second marathon. Now I had previously said that I was going to out train and finish with or hopefully before my mom on this run. As it stands now my mom is definitely out training me. I know she is out exercising for more hours a week then I am. Crud.

According to my training schedule I should be running everyday but Monday which is reserved for cross training and Friday which I am supposed to take off. Instead it works out that I am also taking off every other Saturday and most Sundays in addition to Mondays and Fridays. If I am going to even come close to finishing near or before my mom in this Marathon I am really going to have to pick it up.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to run a 6 miler. Which I plan on completing after I play in a charity softball tournament. If it were not a charity tournament I would not be playing, I assure you. I have never been good at softball, when I was a child they used to put me in right field, that is the one behind first base where hardly any balls go, and practically no balls go there when you are under 12. I can remeber standing out there and picking flowers or drawing in the dirt. My step dad told me the other day that it was a blessing when I found my niche in running. While this seems harsh, it is so so so true.

Anyways back to the marathon, I am hoping to finish the six mile training run in under an hour. This is a good goal, because I am hoping to finish in under 5 hours this time. Which means I need to be on or under 11:26 each mile. Which is not to far off my first marathon where my average mile was 12:17/ mile. But what I have to remember from that marathon was that I did not pace myself my first 10k each mile was around 10 min but by by my 32k my average mile had dropped to around 11:47.

Pacing myself this marathon will be another goal along with the goal to finished faster than my mom. I don’t know how I will fare and I am a little nervous, but once I get some consistent training under my belt for this marathon I hope to feel better.

Til next time, keep running through life.


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