Settling In

Nothing over the top hysterical or exciting has happened since my last post. But as requested by Sarah, here is a general update on my life since my last post.

The new job is going great. I’m just writing my little heart out. Right now around Seminole County there is not an overload of sport going on, but enough. I have been told that come the start of the season I will be up to my eyeball in alligators. Well that is not exactly how it was said but I will be really busy. Just in case you did not know, I LOVE my job. It might be the best one I have ever had. Ok it is the best one I have ever had. Not that the others weren’t good but this is exactly what I have always wanted to do. Some day I do plan on changing the world but right now I’m just working on Seminole County.

My new house is starting to feel more like a home every day. Tuesday David came over and helped me edge the law, kill the nesting wasps and put away stuff inside the house. My neighbor Kevin owns the barber shop next door and he rode over my lawn with his riding law mower Monday. I do have my own lawn mower though so I plan on keeping up with my own lawn from now on but I thought it was so cool for him to do that for me! Yay.

I finally got furniture in my house so no more sitting on the floor for me. I will post pics soon of the house with furniture but for now I will just tell you. I already had a twin bed from college so that is in the guest bedroom. Then Mark bought me new furniture from Mathis Brothers and it was delievered 2 weeks ago. I got a  new dining room table, it is one of those pub height tables so you sit up high. It is a dark brown color. A new couch it is leather and dark brown also. I got have a new queen sized bed. It is amazing and I sleep so perfectly on it. My mom and I went to JC Pennys and found a new comforter and blinds for the house. The comforter is brown and the curtains in my room are a camel color. The curtains in the living room are brown with green and blue circles. They match the green acent wall in the living room well. Then put together a few other random pieces. We go a great deal on a coffee table at TJ Maxx it is one of those leather cube things, it is actually a rectangle and the lid flips over to be a hard surface. My parents brought down a TV stand from the Edmond and some other accessories for the kitchen and the rest of the house. All and all it is a pretty good set up and I could not be more happy with it.

The dog is doing great, since I don’t have houses for neighbors, I have the Barber Kevin, and on the other side is the ASAP and then next to that is the Pink Laundry, there is no need for a fence in the back yard so Trek is trying to get used to going out for  bathroom breaks on a leash.  Sometime I let her out without one at night when I know there are not other people around but during the day I take her on a leash just incase she feels the need to go make new friends. In Edmond when ever she got on the leash it ment we were going somewhere in the car so now when I put her on her leash she runs over to the car and sits by the back door. I hope she gets the hang of it soon. She is learing well she can sit, shake and laydown. She is doing so good but still needs to go to obedience school.

Last Friday when I got home from work I sat down and watched a movie. Then Trek decided she needed to go out about 7 p.m., so I took her out on her leash and as I am shutting the door I realized that I locked the door behind me. Yep you got it locked myself out. Luckily Mark’s parent, Larry and Sarah, have a key to my house, I was saved! I went next door and asked to borrow the phone. Called Mom got Larry and Sarah’s number, only to be informed that they were out of town. No biggie right, well not a huge deal, I mean I can still go get the key and come back home. Well that made for a fun hour or so, I proceeded to walk across town, I make it seem far it was really only like 3 miles round trip. But, I will remind you that it is over 100 degrees in Oklahoma right now, which sucks. Unfortunately, I had just thought I would be talking the dog out so I put on the first pair of shoes I saw…flip flops, brown ones at that. Brown flip flops to go with my black top, yep I’m sure that I looked just stellar once I got home. Black shirt, brown shoes, sweaty and with a dog who barely wanted to move. On the was home she kept lagging behind and I was thinking I am going to die if I have to carry this dog home. Any who, I got my key and got back in my nice cool house and had a big drink of water. Problem solved.

Today (Saturday) my dad came up early and David and I took him out to breakfast. Then I took him on the tour of Seminole, got him a paper so he could see what kind of paper we write at The Producer. He seemed to like my house, liked the town and is really happy I have a job I love. He headed home about 9:30 a.m. He called me about 12 p.m. told me he was home and gave me a review of the paper and which stories he found interesting. It was cool to hear my dad talking about things that I had written. That reminds me one thing that I am looking forward to as I become more and more involved in county sports is that fact that I am writing about real people, in a real paper. I know that sounds dumb of course they are real people its not like I write about fake people. But I’m writing about high school and college kids. When I was in high school if I was in an article in the paper, I usually cut it out, and kept it. And it is cool to think that people are going to be doing that with my stories. 

Well that is a short version of what is going on in my life. I am getting adjusted to Seminole and starting to really like the place. I will try to be more diligent with posts once I got internet at my house. Right now I have not got it set up, but I will soon, hopefully.


One response to “Settling In

  1. Dave and Sarah

    Woop woop! This is AWESOME! I love being able to read about your life at any hour I want, and as of late, you can probably understand why I haven’t been right on this bad boy! I’m stoked you reposted and ohhhh the loveliness of locking yourself out. Just wait till that dog is a screaming kid… or two. I did it while we were living with my in laws, only it was SNOWING outside. At least we had the car. Anyway, glad to hear dad is doing well and so funny he’s reviewing your articles and paper! I’m so happy for you and reading this lightens my spirits knowing you’re just so damn tickled. Really, I’m tickled for you. Love you muchos.

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